Expanding Faith 9-16-2015 The Word of God

Everyone desires to change, but how do you change without encountering failure after failure?  You let the Holy Spirit change you when you are in relationship with Jesus the Word made flesh.  On today’s program, Pastor Shane introduces you to the concept of effortless change.  Don’t miss this timely message in the series The Word of […]

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Expanding Faith 9-11-2015 The Word of God

This new series has the capacity to radically change the way you look at the Word of God.  Today we start out with a basic premise to build upon in the coming broadcasts.  Who is the Word of God?  Who is the Holy Spirit?  How do Jesus and the Holy Spirit work to reveal the […]

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Mountains Move! 8-28-2015

On today’s broadcast we learn that if one person standing in faith can affect a generation then you can affect your life, your family, your marriage and your community by boldly telling the mountains facing you and yours to move in Jesus Name!  This is an eye opening look into the realm of the Spirit, […]

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