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Is This The End?

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Is judgement coming to America?

How do I live by faith in uncertain times?

Is this really the last of the last days?



The questions above are being asked by many in this particular period of church history.   Especially as we have seen or heard in the last few years a plethora of books, movies and sermons from popular evangelical speakers prophesying a coming judgment upon America and the world at large.


In the last few weeks members of the congregation I pastor have brought up a particular teaching on the Shemitah which basically states that an economic judgement is about to hit the world in September.  I have even heard of Christians hoarding food and supplies in anticipation of this coming catastrophe.


All of this is based on certain Hebrew moeds now approaching us.  Moeds are appointed times or calendar dates that regulate aspects of Old Testament law and the festival or feast dates.  There are many moeds that occur each year and some that occur periodically like the Shemitah.


I am not going to focus directly on the teachings.  I am also not going to go into detail why I do not believe these teachings to be accurate.   Many such dates have come and gone in history.  As soon as one prediction fails, there has been and always will be another to take it’s place.


I do however want to give you things you can do that will carry you through both the good and the bad times in your life.  These three things are very important.  I promise they can make a difference in your life.  Whether things get good or bad, you will be safe in Him!


  • Stop listening to everyone who has a voice.  Not every voice needs to be heard.  Sounds ironic coming from a blog doesn’t it?  Here is the thing.  If all you hear is doom and gloom, you’ll become doom and gloom; convinced tomorrow the sky is falling.  Remember, no matter what happens you still need to live a life of faith, grow in faith, raise a godly family, be a good spouse etc.  Be balanced in what you hear.


  • Stay in the Word of God.  Seems simple enough doesn’t it.  Everyone should know that.  You would be surprised though at Christians who hardly ever read the Word.  It’s hard to say you have a vibrant walk with Jesus without having a vibrant Word life.  An added benefit is the Word brings peace even in the midst of uncertain times.


  • Declare the Word over your life in prayer.  The promises of the Word are the basis for the overcoming life Jesus promised in John 10:10.  Truth is there will always be uncertainty.  The world will often seem to be on the edge of disaster.  Our only refuge in the storm is the sure promises of the Word of God.


If you will live what is written above, I promise you that you will live an overcoming life in Jesus no matter what happens around you.   God placed you here for this time.  He has a plan for you to accomplish great things for Him. Let’s live our lives to the fullest for His glory!


Pastor Shane Creech


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