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It’s Already Accomplished

When You Pray, believe you receive (Mark 11:24)


It is finishedThe concept of faith can be hard for us to grasp at times. Simply because it is believing that the Word which we can't touch produces results that are real results in the natural world.  That's difficult because we live in an if I can see it I will believe it world. 

In order for us to walk triumphantly by faith, we have to renew our minds to the fact that faith receives as done what is promised by the Word. Faith counts what we have prayed for as real even when we haven't yet seen the real life results of prayers.

Let's reinforce this point by looking at a familiar passage of scripture.  Hebrews 11:1 in the KJV boldly declares to us that faith is the evidence or proof of things hoped for (emphasis mine).

The Greek word translated things is pragma. It's definition is a thing done not yet seen!  What this verse is crying out to us is that faith is the proof that it is already accomplished. That's why Jesus said to believe when we pray we receive.

But how can I receive when I haven't yet seen?  Glad you asked!  The answer is simple yet profound.  You have to understand the moment you prayed, the answer was granted.  Something happened in the realm of the Spirit. What you are waiting for is the natural to line up with the Spiritual.

That leads us to the last thought I would like to share with you.  Look at the word hope  in Hebrews 11:1.  The Greek word translated hope is elpis. This Greek word carries the idea of joyful expectation.

Here are some questions for you.  When you leave your prayer closet are you convinced God heard you, or do you leave feeling downcast not sure whether He heard you or not.  Do you spend time rejoicing and thanking God for the answered prayer?  True faith rejoices in the answer before it sees a manifestation.

I know the concepts mentioned above are directly opposite to the natural mind.  Take the truths and meditate on them.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.  He is the perfect companion who takes hold with us and helps us to receive the promises of God.

Make a concerted effort to rejoice and thank God for the answer to your prayers.  I promise you the Holy Spirit will help you.  Soon you will be seeing the manifestation of those things you have prayed for!

Pastor Shane Creech


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