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Memorizing The Word And Renewing The Mind

You can’t recall what you don’t know

tips-memorizing-bible-scriptureProverbs 3:3 teaches that we should tie the Word of God around our necks and write it upon the table of our hearts.  Very simply put the Word of God should guide our lives and be in our memories.


In the fifteen years or so that I have been saved, I have committed hundreds of scriptures to my memory.  When I enter into my prayer time, I often recall these scriptures and declare them over my life, thank God for their fulfillment and rejoice in the answered promises.


Renewal of the mind is a constant turning to God from the thoughts of the world by renewing the mind to the promise of God.  Therefore we can say that renewing the mind is sustained repentance.


When we repent we are turning from one way to another.  Memorization helps us with this process, as it cements a memory of the Word in our minds.


Memorization is not easy for everyone, but it can be accomplished by everyone. I suggest you start out slowly.  If you have a Bible and you don’t mind marking in it, start by marking the scriptures that strike a cord in your life.


Write those scriptures out on flash cards if your memorization skills are not advanced.  You can take some time to practice with the cards later when you have a free moment. Instead of turning on the t.v. or browsing social media, you can practice your scriptures.  If  your memory skills are great commit that scripture to memory right then.


Later as you are doing your daily reading and you come across a scripture you have highlighted, practice your memory skills right then and make sure you have it committed to memory.  


In my personal Bible, I mark my memory scriptures with an asterisk.  As I come across a formerly marked scripture, I stop right then and practice that scripture in my memory.  This a simple way to for you to write the scripture upon the table of your heart!


Before I go, I want to emphasize the value of daily reading the Word. When we have a daily disciplined practice of reading God’s Word, it keeps His thoughts, His Words fresh in our hearts and reinforces the whole process.  If you haven’t made a commitment to read daily, do so today.


You will be blessed I promise!  More peace, joy and hope will fill your lives as you meditate on Jesus! He is the Word made flesh. 


Pastor Shane Creech

Scripture reference

Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: (Proverbs 3:3 KJV)



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