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Mountains Move!

mountinasHere is the simple truth.  Faith is voice activated.  If you don’t move your mouth, you want move a mountain.  Seems simple enough.  Right?

The eleventh chapter of Mark’s gospel is amazing.  Jesus speaks to the fig tree on the way into town.  Later when He comes back it is dried up from the roots.  See Mark 11:21.  The disciples are amazed at this turn of events and Jesus maximizes their wonderment to teach them and us also a wonderful lesson on faith.

In verses 22-25 Jesus speaks to them a very familiar passage to all of us who have studied faith.  He tells them you too can speak to mountains by faith and they will move.  Now there is a lot more to this passage than what I am going to point out.  I am only going to zero in on one thing.

You need to open your mouth!  Mountains don’t move by worry.  They don’t move by discussing them with your friends.  They move when you open your mouth and boldly declare the Word of God into the situation, barrier or peril you are facing at the moment.

The first step is finding the promise of God that applies to your situation.  The second step is opening your mouth in faith.  Don’t let the pressure of what you are facing keep you out of your prayer closet.  That is exactly what the enemy is counting on.  Can I say it again?  Open your mouth and speak!

Lastly, don’t let others talk you out of speaking.  I know it seems strange that opening our mouths and declaring in Jesus Name the promises of God into our lives and others may seem strange to the natural mind.  It is though exactly what God has taught us to do.  Who cares what others think?

You will bring glory to the Lord when they see that you didn’t stay sick, didn’t go broke, quit living depressed and all of your children and loved ones are saved because you declared the Word of God in Jesus Name.


When is a good time to start speaking?  Now is the perfect time.  Get in the Word today and let God show you which promises to stand on and how to speak to the mountain facing your life!


Pastor Shane

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