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Healing is God’s Will

Religion has taught through the ages that sickness and disease were gifts from God to teach us humility. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible is replete with covenant promises that make available healing to us through the atoning blood of Jesus.

Isaiah 53:5 teaches that the stripes on Jesus’ back bought our healing. Notice this verse says we are healed; speaking of the future. 1 Peter 1:24 reiterates this same covenant promise but states we were healed; speaking of the completed work of the cross.

David writes in Psalm 103:3 that the Lord heals us of all our diseases. All is a big word and means just that: all of our diseases were healed by Jesus on His cross. It does not matter what name the sickness carries. All are healed by the blood of Jesus. Cancer is healed. Diabetes is healed. Depression is healed. There is no sickness or disease greater than the atoning blood of Christ.

Jesus proved this principle in His ministry on earth also (Matthew 19:2, Matthew 21:14, Luke 9:11, Matthew 8:17). Everywhere He went, He healed the sick, cleansed the lepers and raised the dead. No one who came to Him left empty handed unless they refused to believe, as was the case in Nazareth (Mark 6:5).

Sadly that is still happening in the church today. The power of God through the atoning cross of Jesus is available to heal but there are some who do not believe because of the misguided teachings of religion, or they refuse to believe that God wants to heal their bodies.

If you need healing today, simply believe what the Word says and receive by faith your healing. God is ready and willing to minister healing to your body.

Pastor Shane Creech

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