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The Key of Waiting


And Peter calling to remembrance saith unto him, Master, behold, the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away. (Mark 11:21 KJV


Waiting is hard!  We expect everything to happen quickly in our lives.  Whether we are the drive thru or at the bank, none of us like to wait.  Quick is the mantra of our culture.


We see this in every aspect of society.  People don’t save anymore because they want the reward now instead of later.  We change jobs often because we are not satisfied with the process of moving ahead and instead try to jump ahead by trading out one job for another.


Marriages end quickly when situations get tough.  We just don’t like to wait!  When it comes to prayer, it’s the same.   Except God is not moved by our impatience.   He is moved rather by our patience.


What do I mean?   It’s simple.  Faith requires that we be patient.  Let’s look for a moment at Jesus and the fig tree.


This famous passage of scripture takes place right after Jesus’s triumphant ascent into Jerusalem otherwise known as Palm Sunday to us.   He has left Jerusalem for the night after checking out the Temple.  He is on His way back to run out the money changers when He sees a fig tree.


Mark tells us that He expected to find figs and when He found none, He cursed the tree.  Forbidding that no man should eat figs of it ever again.  He then proceeds on the journey into Jerusalem.


It is the next day on His return to Bethany that Peter is startled to see the fig tree died up from the roots.  Jesus of course uses this as an example to teach on faith.


Now here is where I want to really focus today.  In Mark 11:24, Jesus teaches that when we pray believe that we receive, yet we see that it took time for the fig tree to wither up.


If we applied conventional church wisdom to Jesus’ declaration, we would say God didn’t answer Him!  Truth is as soon as Jesus made the declaration over the tree, He received what He prayed.  He simply had to wait for the manifestation.


Don’t give up on what you are believing for.  Believe you receive when your pray.  Follow that with thanksgiving every time the enemy tries to lie and tell you God didn’t or God won’t.


If you will apply the key of patience when you pray, you will soon be experiencing the miraculous.  Too many of us give up before we see the answers to our prayers.


How long should you wait?  I put this way.   I will believe I receive no matter how long it takes.  I once stood on the Word of God for two years for the birth of my daughter.


My wife wanted to have a child.  There were complications, so the only thing to do was to believe and wait.  I knew I received when I prayed!   I spent that two years each day praising and thanking God for my daughter.


There was no need to pray again.  I had already prayed.  I had a promise from God that none in my house would be barren based on Deuteronomy 28.  My only recourse was to wait and guess what?  Julia Anne is a happy six year old today.


One more thing.  I prayed for a girl.   God gives us the desires of our hearts if we will pray in faith and wait with hopeful expectation that God will do what He has promised!

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